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The Cape Breton Highlands Links Golf Course is a public golf course that offers golfers a unique opportunity to experience golf on a course that experts rank among the top 100 worldwide. When you consider that there are 32,000 golf courses worldwide, it is easy to understand why those who have had the opportunity to experience and come to know Cape Breton Highlands Links – love it!

Designed and constructed under the direction of world-renowned golf course architect Stanley Thompson, Cape Breton Highlands opened in 1941 and is a fine example of one of the world’s best courses from the golden age of golf course design. The course is situated on one of Canada’s most unique settings located in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The National Park features every natural attribute imaginable and it is within this setting that Thompson routed the course to offer players a rare and unique combination of sea side and mountain holes that together, combine to produce a course deserving of it’s world class rating. The diversity of the holes and the uniqueness of the setting make Cape Breton Highlands a truly outstanding golfing experience.

” Every now and then I get a mean streak and like to fool the boys a little. But, I never hide any danger. It’s all out there for the golfer to see and study ” – Stanley Thompson

The layout is by far one of the most unusual of Thompson’s routings, and it is why this is possibly his very best. After he finalized his routing he made a decision of shear genius. He separated each unique area with a long walk. So why was this important? Because the course unfolds like a series of chapters from a great book, each chapter, or set of holes, has its own unique setting. When they are combined together they make for a wonderful journey through, or storey of, the local landscape.

Historically, Highlands Links celebrates the Celtic heritage of Cape Breton and Thompson himself christened each hole with a Scottish name.

Highlands Links – 247 Keltic Inn Road – Ingonish Beach, NS B0C 1L0 – Canada