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Domaine Impérial Golf Club

The Club was officially opened in May 1988 with a long drive hit by Severiano Ballesteros. It was soon to gain an excellent reputation in Swiss golfing circles. Our splendid location on banks of Lac Léman, midway between Lausanne and Geneva, the majestic natural surroundings and top quality facilities are some of the reasons for the very complimentary reviews that the Club and its magnificent course have received.

However, despite the lasting imprint left by the Napoleon family, it is unlikely that the Domaine Impérial would have created such intense interest had it not been for Pete Dye’ s outstanding course design. On the short-short list of the world’ s best golf course architects, this great designer knew just how to work with a terrain that lent itself splendidly to a major 18-hole course. He created the course in compliance with the many requirements and regulations imposed to meet ecological and environmental concerns.

A challenging course

This is the first time I have had the opportunity, in this part of the world, to create such a unique course,” said Pete Dye, certainly one of the three best golf course designers in the world today.

At the Domaine Impérial he was able to indulge his fantasy, while respecting the natural features and varied profile of the terrain and always bearing in mind the basic philosophy of the Scottish courses.
He is known as a someone who has moments of genius and moments of madness, but with his feet firmly on the ground. “When I design a hole, I try to make par the test it should be of a golfer’s skill. There is nothing more stimulating for me than to observe a player following his ball attentively to see where it has actually gone. At St. Andrews, not only can you not see the greens, you can’t see the hazards either. After a while you get a certain vision of a course: that’s the case here.

“Moreover, I believe that the best golf holes are pars 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5. Players should be able to imagine scoring a birdie because the hole is short. The best are never unhappy at scoring a bogey with an approach shot with a 2 iron. On the other hand, if they score with a short wedge, they are in for a surprise on the next hole.

At the Domaine Impérial, I think I found the right mix between these different concepts, while making the course more difficult than it appears.

Domaine Impérial Golf Club
Villa Prangins, 1196 Gland, Switzerland