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Pestovo Golf & Yacht Club

Pestovo golf club is a world-class 18-hole course stretching 6,487 m (about 7,094 yards). It has been designed for top-level events, including major tournaments.


The architects did their best to produce a challenging but fair course, one that could prove a tough nut to crack even for the best professional players. At the same time members will find it very exciting and attractive.


Each hole is unique, and this means that each round will bring the player a novel and unforgettable experience. Some holes are designed to feature wide fairways, deep sand traps and tough greens — these are sure to put the golfers through their paces. Others, with their narrow fairways, will call first of all for precision playing. In any case, it is important to have a game strategy: the golfer will have to take into account all the implications of a bad stroke.


Our magnificient course has been designed to take advantage of the terrain: open spaces are punctuated with woods to preserve a natural environmental balance. The course is laid out in a serpentine pattern: it starts in a forested area and then emerges into open spaces, which always feature lakes, such combination being its crowning glory.


The greens are fringed with trees and shrubs, which blend in perfectly with the dominant landscape. Moreover, we have engineered several mounds in open spaces to give extra character to each hole and provide favourable places for spectators. And the clubhouse terraces offer a magnificent panoramic view of the golf course with its woods and lakes.


Pestovo Golf & Yacht Club

141052,Russia,Moscow region,

Mytishi, Fedoskino settlement,Rumyancevo village, Nikolskaya str.1, building 1

Phone: +7 495 739-20-20
Fax: +7 495 739-24-00
Email: pestovo@pestovogolf.com